Crawlspace and Pier & Beam Repair

Piers situated on the concrete footings balance your house. The piers have to be balanced to properly balance the house. Some beams hold up the home and the piers hold up the beams. If there is a problem with your piers and beam then our contractor at Watauga Foundation Repair will be able to access them through your crawl space. It is much easier to make the needed repairs by accessing the pier and beam through the crawlspace. The homes pier and beams are made from wood. This means that they can deteriorate easier than if they were made form any other type of material.

Known Pier & Beam Problems

One of the most common issues that occur to the pier and beam is shifting soil. This is something that causes the deteriorating of your pier and beams. It doesn’t matter the type of problem that you may be experiencing with your pier and beams, our contractors have the expertise needed to effectively assist with your service needs. It isn’t difficult to make the necessary repairs to them; the most challenging part is accessing them. This is no problem for our foundation repair experts.

How to Repair Your Pier & Beam

If there is a problem with your pier and beam this is something that should be handled as soon as possible before it starts to completely deteriorate. You may not need to have the entire floor frame removed and replaced, only the part that is affected. It might be a challenge to have the entire structural parts replaced but we assure you that our experienced contractors will be able to effectively handle the job. They don’t replace the parts and leave it at that; they will remove the unnecessary parts and replace them if needed.

Affordable and Efficient Repair Services

There is no chance of us continuing to receive the amount of business that we receive if we were not able to provide our customers with efficient services. Make sure you can receive the quality of repairs that you are paying for and deserve by relying on our experienced foundation contractors in Watauga, TX. Regardless of the level of difficulty that is involved in making the repairs, our contractors will be able to effectively meet the challenge. We’ll make sure that you receive the quality of service that you deserve at affordable rates.

Why Hire Watauga Foundation Repair

Consider contacting us at Watauga Foundation Repair to evaluate any foundation issues that you are experiencing. When you find out that the problem that you are experiencing involves your piers and beams then allow us to take care of this for you right away. The best way to get the results that you want and need is to make sure you contact us to address your foundation repair needs. Our experts have the skills needed to effectively handle your foundation repair needs. We stand by our work and offer you our service guarantee.